The new online status monitoring system MWM RAM (Remote Asset Monitoring) is now also available for MWM gas generator sets with the digital power plant control TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management). The MWM gas generator sets are delivered ready for MWM RAM activation. Existing plants can easily be upgraded with a retrofit kit. Secure digital monitoring of the CHP plant operation in real time around the clock from any location - this is possible with the MWM online status monitoring system. MWM RAM enables the generation of reports with the output, operating hours, as well as the current and historical performance. This saves the user a lot of work. All plant parameters, such as the engine and generator data as well as information about plant peripherals, appear on a display. Up to 1,000 parameters can be logged and displayed. The user interface provides access to the data collected over a period of 13 months, enabling the operator to conduct detailed analyses. MWM RAM is suitable for all gas types and gas applications. “The combination of MWM RAM with the digital power plant control TPEM enables our customers to improve the operation of their plants. Using this solution, they can optimize the maintenance and servicing of the gas generator set, even remotely.” explains Uwe Sternstein, Head of Service & Spare Parts. To gain access to all benefits, all that needs to be done is to activate RAM online. No additional installation work, hardware, or complex wiring is required. Multi-layer security mechanisms enhance protection against unauthorized access. Regular online updates make sure the entire system is secure and up to date. Connectivity options include the existing TPEM Ethernet connection or a cellular connection. In this way, several gas generator sets or the entire fleet can easily be remotely supported and monitored. MWM gas generator sets are delivered RAM-ready, equipped with TPEM CC (Control Cabinet) Factory Fit. By default, the TPEM CC is equipped with the needed PLE telematics device. As it is fully integrated in the TPEM control cabinet, no further wiring is required. By default, the TPEM Ethernet connection is used for the communication with the RAM servers; a cellular module is available optionally. The easy online activation of RAM eliminates the need for work on site and additional travelling

What does MWM RAM offer Users?

  • • More efficient operational workflows
  • • Optimised maintenance and servicing of the gas engine
  • • No separate condition monitoring system and no special IT architecture required

Higher Plant Performance

  • • Supports higher availability of your cogeneration/trigeneration plant
  • • Reduction and/or better scheduling of downtime
  • • Improved dispatching of technicians

Reduced Risk

  • • Early detection of possible operating issues and malfunctions of the gas engine
  • • Automatic notification in the event of alerts

Increased customer satisfaction

  • • Proactive customer approach
  • • Proactive solution offering for the customer

More Transparency

  • • Up-to-date information on the historical performance of the gas engine and of the entire site including peripherals

Push Notifications

  • • Notifications in the event of unforeseen problems and issues

Technical benefits of MWM RAM at a glance •Customizable

  • • Customizable event notifications (e.g. alerts, warnings, threshold violations, site stop, etc.)
  • • Historical time series
  • • Alerts, warnings, error messages
  • • Extensive data analysis functions (data discovery, customisable time series view)
  • • Automatic generation of reports (e.g. output, operating hours)
  • • Provide proactive service and maintenance with the help of algorithms and automatic analysis
  • • Map view of the entire fleet (including traffic light view for alerts, warnings, notifications)
  • • Unlimited number of users
  • • Integration of external data sources possible
  • • Display of all plant parameters (engine, generator, plant peripherals)
  • • Logging of up to 1,000 parameters
  • • Sampling rate of up to [1 Hz]/1 value/second
  • • Access to 13 months of historical data via user interface
  • • Suitable for all gas types and gas applications

With its two brands, MWM and Cat, Caterpillar Energy Solutions stands for highly-efficient & eco-friendly solutions for distributed power generation and manufactures gas engines, electricity power plants, as well as combined heat and power (CHP) plants. As part of the Caterpillar Electric Power Division, Caterpillar Energy Solutions today commands a leading market position in the field of highly efficient, ecologically advanced distributed energy solutions.


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