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Kohler Small Engines

Kohler has unveiled a new range of small diesel engines for mobile and stationary applications. The Kohler Small Displacement (KSD) engines will be available globally in naturally aspirated, turbocharged and turbocharged charge-air cooled versions.

To to provide flexibility for both mobile and stationary applications, the company has unveiled a new range of compact diesel engines that will be offered in naturally aspirated, turbocharged and turbocharged charge-air cooled versions to meet exhaust emissions regulations in the U.S. and EU, as well as new emissions norms in India (Bharat Stage 5 in 2024), China (Stage 4/Stage 5), Japan and Korea

The Kohler Small Displacement (KSD) engines are three-cylinder engines with bore and stroke dimensions of 81 x 90 mm and an overall displacement of 1.391 L. The naturally aspirated models will offer ratings of 18.4 kW (24.6 hp) at 2200 rpm, with maximum torque of 90 Nm (66 lb. ft.) at 1800 rpm.

The turbocharged engines will have the same maximum horsepower, with torque rising to 105 Nm (77 lb. ft.) at 1500 rpm while the turbocharged and charge-air cooled engines will see torque top out at 120 Nm (88.5 lb. ft.) at 1400 rpm. The KSD will also be available at launch with EU Stage 5 and EPA Tier 4 final generator set ratings. For the 50 Hz markets, standby power ratings will be 13 kW (17.4 hp), 16.5 kW (22.1 hp) and 18.8 kW (25.2 hp), while prime power ratings are 11.7 kW, 14.9 kW and 17.1 kW. All 50 Hz ratings are at 1500 rpm. For the 60 Hz markets, standby ratings are 17kW and 18.4 kW, while prime ratings are 16.2 kW, 16.7 kW and 18.4 kW, all at 1800 rpm.

Clean design naturally aspirated KSD engines

The new KSD engines are intended to eventually succeed the existing Kohler KDW series engines. The KSD engines are a completely new design that was heavily influenced by Kohler’s OEM customers. “With this engine, we had a lot of early conversations and we partnered with some of our OEMs and got input from them even before the design,” said Jeff Wilke, Industry Channel Manager – Engines at Kohler. “It’s a clean sheet design like the KDI engines and our targets were best-in-class performance, total cost of ownership – we know that’s a focus for our customers these days – heavy-duty design and unique technical solutions.

The KSD engines incorporate an electronically controlled indirect injection (IDI) system in which fuel is delivered into a pre-chamber where it is mixed with air and ignited before passing into the combustion chamber where the combustion cycle is completed. The system uses low pressure (250 bar/3600 psi) fuel injectors based on gasoline direct injection (GDI) technology. The fuel system is designed to provide precise fuel metering and strong load response, along with good performance at altitude. The control electronics also allow for prognostics, diagnostics, and remote monitoring, as well as integration with other machine systems through CAN J1939 communications networks

The KSD Series is the result of our global approach to the market and the customers. It’s simple, versatile and advanced. It’s the KSD Series, the latest platform of engines from Kohler.


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