The whole idea of a backup power generator is that it always should be ready to start whenever it is needed. But how can you make sure that the generator is operational without having to physically visit it every day?

The answer to that question in the remote management solution from Industrial Networks. NoelEnergy is a ROMANIA company selling, installing and maintaining backup power generators. The generators run on diesel or biodiesel and provide business-critical backup power for data centres, hospitals and commercial buildings - operations which need power at all times.

A Industrial Networks companys offers communication gateway is installed in each power generator connected to the control panel via the internal Modbus network. Some communication gateway monitors around 50 different parameters from the generator and sends these via a LAN/Ethernet connection to a secure server example called Netbiter Argos. Operators can log into Netbiter Argos over the web and access parameters such as operation status, operating hours, fuel levels, oil pressure etc. It is also possible to remotely start and stop the power generators, which is critical to make sure the engine will be ready to start when needed. This is done once a week to make sure that each unit is operational.A surveillance IP camera ensures that operators sees the power generator starting up and that nobody is working on the generator at the moment. A large screen at the office constantly displays the status of all generators, and operators go in every.

The obvious effect of a remote management system is not having to physically visit each site as often which generates savings in both time and money. There are also other benefits such as more efficient maintenance and the ability to offer a more reliable service to customers. With Netbiter, or another management solution we always know and you know what we have to look at when we make a maintenance visit. This makes maintenance work much faster and easier.

What can you do with the online connection?

With like communication gateway Netbiter you can: monitor health and readiness; access common genset parameters (read/write) like oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, power output, diesel levels, engine run time and engine RPM. A Netbiter communication gateway allows remote operation and control. You can remotely start and stop your generator in the field from any location. You can also remotely acknowledge generated alarms and reduce expensive on-ite service visits. Netbiter offers an alarm management facility. You can receive alarm notification when the fuel level reaches a preset level or fuel theft attempts. There are direct alarms to service personnel via SMS or email, Netbiter allows you to manage large-scale genset rental fleets with inbuilt GPS functionality. Track the current position of the generator in real-time. It also offers a facility for Remote configuration of genset controllers. You can combine standard remote monitoring capabilities (View and Control) with remote configuration (Remote Access) using the vendor’s own utility/configuration software. Or combine the two services for multiple sites and users. (Manage and Analyze)


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