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Prepare your business for any type of challenge. We providing continuous and stable power on your business project, bringing excellent benefits to owners and investors.


No matter if you want to increase uptime, improve your operating economy, take advantage of your business, face tougher environmental requirements, we have the solution for your.


Hydrogen clean engines for generator set and reduce pollution in our environment, emission-free, hydrogen is the most logical fuel choice for green, continual-running, off-grid power provision. Benefit the environment by reducing pollution, but they also result in better fuel efficiency and lower operating costs for businesses and individuals.




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Our Industry Solutions

Delivering the Best Global Industry Services.

NoelEnergy offers high quality power generators and it provides its customers with an efficient customer care service and technical support, also available on its products in order to give customers the opportunity to obtain the best efficiency from the machines/gen-sets they buy.

Portable Generator

Portable Generator Sets

Single and three-phase generator sets in a power range of 1.2 kW to 10 kW for standby, prime, continuous, used in constructions.

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On Sites Generators

On Sites Generators

Equipment for stationary installations. Continuous or backup power in a power range of 10 kWA to 50 kWA supply in the event of a grid failure.

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Generators Set

Generators Set

Our gas generators were highly efficient, low-emission and reliable gas base engines for combined heat and power plants in the power range from 50 kWA to 250 kWA.

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Industrial Generators

Three-phase generator sets in a power range of 250 kWA to 1000 kWA for standby, prime, continuous.

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UPS Systems

Versatility in the supply connections. Units designed to supply electrical power to external devices for a few minutes during a power outage.

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Control & Power

Control & Power

Generator controllers, auto transfer switch, battery chargers, to provide control solutions for industries.

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Our Features

Why Choose Us!

NoelEnergy has been providing tailor made power solutions that can efficiently operate even under the most challenging conditions for major international projects such as constructions, telecommunications, data centers, shopping centers, hotels, residential buildings, supermarkets, sport centers, mining facilities, hospitals, research centers, educational institutions and industrial plants all around the world.

Professional Team

Our team members are experienced leaders, experts in their fields, professional team with everyone working.

Certified ISO 9001

We improve the quality of our products and services and consistently meet their customers’ expectations.

Latest Technology

Connecting matters, manage your power from anywhere making devices, machines and systems talk.

24/7 Support

Support is an inevitable part of growing your business, providing extend support availability and self-service support.

Imagination What we can easily see is only a small thing

At NoelEnergy, we’re known for providing exceptional industrial energy solutions for our customers on some of the most complex and technically challenging projects. We heavily invested in the success of our clients. We only provide you with recommendations on services that can help improve your business. Our firm is dedicated to forming long-term partnerships with our clients. We understand that you may have urgent questions at every stage of the process. All of our solutions are designed in ROMANIA (Transylvania, area) by our team of engineers.

  • Free quotes and consultation
  • We listen, suggest, and update
  • Fixed prices and no surprises
  • We guarantee our work
  • Delivery business solutions
  • We’re contactable and responsive

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